DRTV for Rhino Sprayed-on Truck Bed Linings, Santa Anna, CA

Rhino Truck Bed Linings was a client of Mr. Becker’s at a previous company. He contacted Rhino in 2000 regarding driving new sales leads to their 350 dealers across the country. The CEO and VP of marketing at rhino told Mr. Becker that “TV doesn’t work in their industry and that they had tried it before and it failed each time”. After several subsequent follow up calls they accepted a proposal to “test” 2 creative versions of a 1-min and 2-min DRTV commercial on selected local broadcast stations and some national cable networks that fit the target demo of the product. Within 2 years the DRTV commercials had driven 250,000+ news sales leads to dealers, below the targeted cost per lead goals. Just as important, the DRTV commercials also generated several qualified “dealer” leads that grew the dealer network to over 1,000 by 2003. That was a direct result of tagging each commercial with a “dealer opportunity” call to action. Mr. Becker ran that campaign for 3 years and has taken the learning from that experience and brought it to Emerging Business Solutions.

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