MYTH: Newspaper advertising is DEAD.

FACT: For Emerging Business Solution customers, newspaper advertising is thriving better than ever!

At Emerging Business Solutions, we will help you capture some of the most knowledgeable and profitable customers anywhere because, for certain demographics, newspaper advertising isn’t just a good buy, it’s a MUST BUY!

Even with the proliferation of new outlets for reaching clients, marketing studies still show that Direct Response Newspaper (DRN) advertising scores off-the-charts with customers when it comes to recognition of ad content – especially when compared to the same message delivered online.

Unfortunately for businesses who have tried DRN advertising on their own, the lack of buying power and budget constraints often limit the number of ads, size of the ads, section placement of ads, and other factors which are critical to DRN success.

Emerging Business Solutions has the Newspaper Solution…

With a stable of over 900 local newspapers across the country, each with daily circulations between 5,000 to over 1 million, we can leverage your advertising with multiple papers in select markets that can result in a 30-50% savings below rate card in most cases.

Emerging Business Solution CASE STUDY: The “Golden” Power of Direct Response Newspaper advertising

We started working with a regional advertising client in 2009, buying half- and full-page newspaper ads in a few Designated Market Areas (DMA’s) to drive event traffic, specifically for gold and jewelry buying events.

Through tough negotiation, understanding the newspapers’ needs, and leveraging one successful marketing campaign after another, Emerging Business Solutions was able to buy multiple full page/full color ads each week at substantial savings from rate card.  Most of our full-page ads were acquired for what other agencies and media brokers charge for a half page.

As a result, this client expanded the number of events from one per month to 2 or 3 per week.  Their newspaper ad budget grew from $20,000 to over $150,000 per month, with a proportionate rise in profit.

Newspapers have become the #1 source for generating leads for multiple clients

In 2011, Emerging Business Solutions added another “event” client that continued to grow their business and increase their media spend each month despite the down-turned economy.

Newspapers have become a treasure trove for businesses from Seniors

Seniors continue to make up more of the population and have more disposable income than any other group of consumers in the US.  As a result, Emerging Business Solutions has leveraged DRN as a means of generating leads and selling products to this large American demographic.

Emerging Business Solutions will help you determine if your product or service can be helped by the power of newspaper advertising.  Contact us today to discuss how to capitalize on this loyal consumer group.