Direct Response TV Services

Emerging Business Solution’s knowledge, experience and understanding of Direct Response TV will keep you from making costly mistakes. We combine accountability, cost efficiency, and responsiveness with traditional brand research and analysis to get you the results you desire.

You’ll be able to put our 25+ years of DRTV experience to work to head off potentially harmful ideas, poorly executed concepts, bad media buys and a host of other general marketing mistakes that waste your time and resources.

DRTV Marketing and Advertising Services at Emerging Business Solutions

  • Creative concepts – Develop new or rework old concepts, targeting the correct market
  • Scriptwriting – Write commercials in 15′s, 30′s, 60′s, 120′s and long-form
  • Production – Shooting short and long form Direct Response TV commercials
  • Post Production – Editing, graphics, audio production; getting the ads ready for air
  • Editing – Reworking existing commercials that may need to be tweaked or updated
  • Dubbing & Distribution services – Getting your media duplicated and sent to the right stations
  • Campaign Management – Handle the day-to-day duties of all your ad campaigns
  • DRTV Media Buying – Find the best rates for each time slot and outlet
  • Monitoring – Assign tracking codes (ISCII, etc.) for monitoring commercials electronically
  • Media Tracking – Choosing and implementing the right tools for tracking results (e.g., Sigma, CORE, etc.)
  • Media Reporting – Integrate reports for all media types used in your campaigns
  • Upsells, Premiums and Loyalty – Find ways to make more $$ with every campaign
  • Generating offers – 2 for 1, Add-ons, price options, etc. to help the sale
  • Call center set up and maintenance – From script trees to reducing breakage
  • Fulfillment – Set up, manage and track all sales activity
  • Customer service – Web and Inbound call center
  • Product sourcing – Domestic and offshore
  • Finding additional revenue sources – Partner with products that help lift sales
  • Financial analysis – Track and report all sales activity; create P&Ls for a clear picture on what’s working and what’s not
  • Creating strong partnerships – Leverage your success with others